The HEAL Consortium consists of CESIE (IT), LIBERA (IT), KMOP (GR), SURT (ES), and PATRIR (RO).

CESIE is a non-profit, apolitical, and non-governmental organisation based in Palermo (Italy) and established in 2001. CESIE is committed to promote cultural, social, educational and economic development at local, national, European and international levels. CESIE contributes to growth and development through the active participation of people, civil society and institutions, always valuing diversity. Inspired by the work of Danilo Dolci, we focus our work on the research of social needs and challenges and the use of innovative
learning approaches.

The Rights and Justice Unit of CESIE aims at promoting equality, protecting the rights of people, preventing and developing responses to violence and discrimination. Our activities are designed to protect survivors of violence, and to support their empowerment and resilience. We do that by, among others, piloting model support services and by assessing their impact on survivors of gender-based violence, domestic violence, sexual violence and harassment, forced marriage, intimate partner violence, female genital mutilation, trafficking of human beings, and on perpetrators.

Via Roma, 94
90133 Palermo, Italia
Tel: +39 0916164224

Fax: +39 0915640816


The Peace Action, Training and Research Institute of Romania (PATRIR) was founded in 2001 as a non-governmental, non-profit, politically independent organization in Cluj-Napoca, Romania.

The institute has as basic principles non-violence, conflict transformation, the promotion of human rights through information and awareness raising by solutions oriented, social, political and economic analysis. In its strive to support the local communities in their development and meeting everyday challenges, the Institute lays its activity on to four pillars: action, training, research, advocacy and awareness raising.

It joins together diagnosis, necessary to identify problems and challenges, with prognosis and therapy, disseminating information and making sure that the promoted message reaches across communities.

PATRIR is a leading expert in the field of refugee response and Third Country National (TCN) Integration, having led several field missions to Lesbos and Chios in 2015, 2016, and 2017, as well as on-going local integration projects on TCNs within Romania.

Strada Ion Ghica 30 400306, Cluj-Napoca, Romania

Born in 1995, LIBERA is a transnational network composed of more than 1.600 associations, social cooperatives, movements, schools and trade unions involved in a fight not only “against” mafias, corruption and criminal phenomena, but above all it is committed “for” social justice and protection of human rights all around the world.

LIBERA has funded its action on the creation of an “alive” remembrance of innocent victims of mafias  – together with their families, promoting a shared and responsible memory of all people who lost their life for criminal violence. Through the realization of an educative path on democratic legality with more than 5000 schools and the commitment on the promotion of the public and social re-use of confiscated assets from organised crime, LIBERA has developed transnational strategies for human rights defense and promotion of social justice through the development of 3 international networks: ALAS – América Latina Alternativa Social in Central and South America; CHANCE – Civil Hub Against orgaNised Crime in Europe at European level and a new-born African network. In line with our commitment for the protection of human rights and fundamental freedoms, Libera is giving assistance of all families of innocent victims of mafias during trials and it manages also all civic action proceedings. A new action, proposed specifically against corruption, is the civic monitoring of public administrations and a dedicated telephone line for those who wants to denounce corruption crimes.

Via Giuseppe Marcora, 18/20 – 00153 Roma
Tel. +39 0669770301-2-3 Fax +39 066783559



SURT is an association for social action established in Barcelona (Spain) in 1993, working to make the economic, social and cultural rights of women effective and to eradicate gender discrimination and gender-based violence, promote gender equality and the empowerment of women.

SURT’s mission focuses on working for equity between women and men in all the different dimensions of empowerment: personal, economic, community and social-political, from a gender and diversity approach.

We run programmes addressed to target groups with specific needs (such as women at risk of poverty, migrant women, survivors of intimate partner violence or Roma women) with interdisciplinary professional teams providing holistic support adapted to individual needs to around 1000 women per year, with a focus on psychological, social and legal counselling for social inclusion. We also promote mutual support among women and develop strategies of networking and community intervention in different areas of Barcelona, Catalonia and the Balearic Islands.

In the field of anti-trafficking, we provide training and social and labour counselling to women survivors of sexual and labour exploitation. We also coordinate the outreach service of the Municipality of Barcelona for cis and trans women in prostitution/sex work and provide the services of psychological and legal counselling of the Barcelona Municipal Unit against Human Trafficking.

SURT also has extensive experience in EU and international projects and carries out research, training and consultancy work on gender and LGTBI issues for professionals, policy-makers, companies and citizens at large.

Carrer de Guàrdia, 14, 08001 Barcelona
Tel: +34 93 342 83 80

KMOP – Social Action and Innovation Centre is a non profit organisation, based in Athens, Greece, with more than 40 years of experience in sustainable development, social growth, human rights’ protection, social inclusion and policy research. The organisation focuses on building people’s resilience, combatting inequalities and supporting inclusive and sustainable growth by developing and implementing a variety of innovative tools, programmes and policies. KMOP has established presence and partnerships at international level, working with major actors in both the public and private sector, as well as with civil society, to drive solution-oriented, knowledge-based interventions that are essential for fostering resilience.

Alongside with direct provision of social services, KMOP’s expertise pertains to the design and implementation of impactful programmes in the areas of education, migration, human rights’ protection, employment, mental health and social economy.

What KMOP will offer to project HEAL is its significant experience in working with victims of trafficking for sexual exploitation, its expertise in the development of employment related capacity building programs and trainings and its network with local service providers and key stakeholders.

Skoufa 75 Athens, 10680 Greece 
Tel: +30 210 3637547 / Fax: +30 210 3639758


This project was funded by the European Unions Asylum, Migration and Integration Fund – Grant Agreement
no. 863631


Via Roma, 94 – 90133 – Palermo, Italy
The general objective of HEAL is to facilitate the integration of third country national women victims of trafficking. These women were brought to European countries for the purpose of sexual exploitation. To do so, the project develops a comprehensive healing process based on competence-building, psychological support to women, and enhanced cooperation
between key actors.